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The Backyard

Welcome To

Backyards are a place where friends and family gather, where kids and adults can play and where laughter and smiles are second nature. 

From backyard BBQs to birthdays to weddings, your backyard has served a variety of functions while being safe, inviting and comfortable.

Our Backyard is no different; food, fun and memories are waiting to be made and you’ll always be welcomed like family. The only difference here is that the weather is always perfect.

The only question left to decide is:

Will it be our Backyard or yours?

Our Facility

Created and constructed in 2019, The Backyard is Saskatoon’s newest and most dynamic family entertainment and events centre. With nearly 10,000 square feet of space, The Backyard is the perfect venue for almost anything, whether your kids just need to get out of the house to play, a birthday party or a special event, whether you’re coming alone or with 300 friends, we have the space and services for you.

The Backyard is an expansion of Astro Jump Saskatoon, who for 15 years, provided Saskatchewan with the biggest and best selection of inflatable party products to make your outdoor events unforgettable. We are proud and excited to bring you all of that and more in our new venue, The Backyard.

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Healthy, Delicious Food.

Feeding an active child can feel like a challenge, but when they are given choices, variety and are able to tap into their own intuitive eating instincts, they will foster a healthy relationship with food and understand why it is important to eat well. Normal, healthy eating varies in response to hunger, feelings, environment and schedule. The inspiration behind this menu was to include choice and variability; choices that provide quality nutrition along with great taste and some fun mixed in.

We are also proud to be offering these great local options:

  • Hanes Hummus
  • Parkview Brews Kombucha
  • Road Coffee

No outside food or drink except cake in conjunction birthday party rental.  Outside food and drink may be allwoed with select full facility/event rentals. Facility is peanut free!

We are proud to be partners

with the following amazing organizations working in our community:

More About

The Backyard Team

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Bryce McCall

Bryce is a former All-Canadian Safety with the U of S Huskie Football Team who studied renewable resource management and commerce. He and his wife Jocelyn are proud of their growing family and use their experience as parents to craft a Backyard environment that is positive for all ages!

Bryce's favourite inflatable is the 6-in-1 Combo as it has something for everyone!

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Rylund Hunter

A former dietetics student and a graduate of the U of S College or Law, Rylund's true passion is physical activity and physical literacy. He and his wife McKenzie are proud of how The Backyard has created a new way for families to stay active together.

Rylund's favourite inflatable is the Sports Arena! It's huge and gives you the space to play whatever you want!

The Backyard will be the first choice for people in Saskatoon and the surrounding area when there is something to celebrate, a reason to gather with friends and/or family, or anytime when the goal is to have fun!

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Whether you are looking to drop in for some fun, host a birthday party, plan a wedding, rent a bouncey castle, or anything in between, The Backyard is here for you!